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As a major producer of commercial ice cream molds since 1986, Hongtai offers a wide range of stainless steel ice cream molds for use in the production of ice cream and other frozen products. We have a full selection of products with our Ice mold options.

Hongtai is a metal mold manufacturer and specialized in equipping ice mold for ice cream machine such as ice cream bar, ice popsicle bar, and other ice bar, it have started the ice bar mold maker since 1986, and going through using deferent metal to make ice bar mold for any different required ice cream machines, with obtained many experiences of making ice cream molds, we can manufacture good quality ice cream metal mold for wide ice bar machines , our factory is equipped laser cutting equipment, CNC lathe and machinery, and stocked plenty of metals as for meeting client requires, especially we have stored enough stainless steel, our stainless steel molds are well suitable for well-known Gram and Tetra Pak ice cream equipment, and commercial freezers. With focus on innovation and quality, Hongtai provide quality ice cream stick molds as well as custom filling and molding solutions based on the ice cream shapes.